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Evolution Athletics


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The second strongest support belt on the market – ONLY second to our original Evolution Support Belt. The EA Sport Belt is designed to provide warmth with varying levels of support – from your basic warm up set until you place any 4″ power belt in place with the sewn in belt loops for optimal support for maximal lifts. The EA Sport Belt is made of thick but flexible neoprene with a reinforced back, additional side straps for increased support and velcro meant to hold and last for years. The side straps have 3 recommended positions to easily and quickly adjust support as needed. The EA Sport Belt is to meant to fill the need for a very supportive and long-lasting support belt but more flexible and forgiving than our original Evolution Support Belt.

How To Choose Your Belt Size

1. To select your belt size you will measure around the largest part of your abdomen where you will wear your Evolution Support Belt. Do NOT pull the tape overly tight but just enough to measure your abdomen circumference.

2. If you’re in between sizes, we recommend sizing up.

3. We recommend sizing up if you are at the top end of your size and would prefer a less restrictive fit and ease of putting on.

4. This belt is meant to provide a great deal of support, if you are looking for more of a “warming” belt we recommend sizing up.

Size Chart

  • Medium 28” - 31”
  • Large 32” - 36”
  • XL 37” - 41”
  • 2XL 42” - 46”
  • 3XL 47” - 52”
  • 4XL 53” - 58”
  • 5XL 59" - 64"